ColorCrisp Carnival 2000 medium format digital camera back.

ColorCrisp was founded by the same digital imaging guru who originally founded ScanView scanner company and even PhaseOne. I got the impression that ColorCrisp was the same system as rebranded by Rollei.

ColorCrisp was recently purchased by Imacon, another Danish company. Their new model camera is the Imacon FlexFrame 4040 digital scan back for medium format. Many of the better digital imaging companies are headquartered in and around Copenhagen, Denmark because of a single person who founded them one after another.

At present we are so busy evaluating large format digital scan backs that we have not had time to tackle the medium format backs. We prefer the 72 x 90mm image area of a scanning back such as BetterLight, Kigamo, or Anagramm. Most "medium format" backs actually only cover 31 x 31mm, or less, since that is roughly the size of the older and hence more economical chips. I prefer a larger size chip such as used by BetterLight.

We use Linhof, Wisner, Sinar X, and Cambo Ultima 4x5 cameras to hold the large format scan backs. For smaller scan backs such as the Carnival 2000 we recommend the Linhof M679, the Rollei X-Act 1 or Rollei X-Act 2, or an Arca-Swiss. If you already have the proper model Hasselblad, it at least has the advantage of being easy to carry out on location. The disadvantage of a Hasselblad is you don't get perspective control; no tilts or swings. So if you use a tripod out on location, consider a camera with tilts and swings. If you do hand-held photography, stick with a Rollei or Hasselblad.

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