RolleiX-Act1 camera, Rollei X-Act2 digital camera.

If I had to replace any of my three Hasselblads, I would immediately get rid of them and get either a Linhof M 679, a Rollei X-Act 1 or Rollei X-Act 2. Once you get used to a large format camera you find how limiting a normal Hasselblad is.

Downside of these medium format studio cameras is that your old Zeiss lenses lack the ability to provide enough coverage to allow you to use tilts and swings on a studio camera. So you need to use Schneider or Rodenstock lenses which are made for cameras with tilts and swings.

I have only seen the Rollei and Linhof cameras at two Photokina trade shows and countless photography trade shows across the USA. In our own studio we use Cambo Ultima, Wisner, and several old-fashioned Hasselblad ELX cameras. However I am seriously thinking of upgrading to a Linhof, Rollei, or perhaps an Arca-Swiss. The advantage of an Arca-Swiss is that you can then also use a large format scan back. A large format tri-linear digital scanning back such as BetterLight captures about 7 x 9 cm, so a bit too high for the Linhof or Rollei.


First posted August 12, 2001.
Design updated 09/07/2008.