BetterLight continues to introduce new models of its 4x5 large format CCD scanning back. Acclaimed as one of the high end large format digital cameras, the BetterLight is also the most cost-effective. You get far more resolution than anything from Leaf.

BetterLight digital camera backBetterlight introduce new model of its 4x5

Here is the Better Light booth at a PMA trade show with some samples of other professional photographers who use his camera.

Betterlight 4x5 digitalBetterLight digital camera back

The two photographs above were exhibited at the Better Light booth. As you can see, professional photographers are enthusiastic about the quality of the Better Light digital cameras.

Panorama PHotography BetterLight digital camera reviews

Of the more than a dozen exhibits in the HP booth at Graphics of the Americas, the pano photos by Nicholas Hellmuth stopped the most traffic in the aisles.

Panoramic photo at full resolution (600x1200 dpi out of the printer) at about 42 inches by 11 feet length. This view shows the Sta Clara Spanish colonial ruins in Antigua Guatemala.

BetterLight digital camera BetterLight large format camera

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