Agfa books on color management in digital imaging.

The following booklets from Agfa Direct offer a relatively painless introduction to what you will eventually need to know, if you wish to handle colors adequately in the world of digital imaging and digital printing.

Agfa Direct, digital color prepress.

Essential for the beginner, useful for anyone already intermediate in other aspects of digital imaging.

Whoever Agfa uses to do their illustrations deserves a Pulitzer Prize for "clearability."

The book is written in the format of an illustrated glossary with practical illustrations. Agfa obviously has enough money to do the necessary drawings, since you cannot explain everything with a mere photograph. 

32 pages, $12.95


Repeats a few items, such as sharpening, but USM is one of the trickiest aspects of digital imaging. At least the examples used are completely different than in the other booklets in the AGFA series.

The discussion of storage media is woefully inadequate and needs to be updated to include the Pinnacle Micro Apex 4.6 GB system, the newer 5.2 GB systems, DVD, and the ease of toady's' CD-R's. The discussion of computers is even more outdated, as to be expected for a book dating to 1995. It might be more useful if Agfa issued these as loose-leaf, and adding pages for the sections of technology which change so rapidly.

I enjoyed reading all the other pages, but I am not sure I really understand color separations, and especially not how to produce them myself in a SOHO or desktop publishing situation.

Every single tidbit of information is useful, and you can never read too much, but this book clearly needs to be updated and expanded. Basic facts on computers should be removed to another booklet to devote more space to concentrating on what the title promises, namely color separation.

32 pages, $12.95

A Guide to color separation
Digital color printing


Again, the thoughtful details in the illustrations are what make the quality of this booklet stand out from others. And of course everything is in full color.

The differentiation of the various kinds of spiral and wire binding are crucial (at the bottom of our review, we provide links for further information on binding). Binding is usually overlooked in other books on desktop publishing.

Covers Canon color copiers, which were indeed the leader in the early 1990's, but today the Xerox machines clearly surpass the Canon and therefore deserve a section when this booklet is revised.

Essential for the beginner, useful for intermediate level. Actually these booklets would make nice textbooks for courses and seminars on these subjects.

32 pages, $12.95

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