Agfa books on digital photography and scanning.

Agfa Direct, guide to digital photography.

In many ways this booklet could be viewed as an informative glossary, with every entry carefully illustrated. AGFA has spared no cost to make the illustrations as easy to understand as possible.

A must buy for the beginner or someone still struggling in the digital world. There is, however, enough factual information that even digital photographers already at the intermediate level would learn a considerable amount.

I would consider myself entering the advanced stage in digital photography and I still found much in this book of practical value.

Illustrations get a ***** rating.

33 colorful pages, $12.95



Achieving a good scan is considerably more difficult than taking a good digital photograph. FLAAR hired one scanner after another. They were all nice people, they all tried hard, but we had to throw away months and months of work because they had been hiding the wretched scans by covering over their mistakes by improving the images in Adobe PhotoShop.

That is the worst way to scan (to fix up your mistakes in Adobe PhotoShop). The professional way to scan is to get a good scan in the first place.

You can never read too many books on scanning. Considering that Agfa makes some of the best scanners around, we can expect that the authors really know what they are talking about.

The diagrams, examples, and illustrations are superior. On these grounds alone the book is worth buying.

41 expertly illustrated pages, $15.00

An introduction to digital scanning
Digital photo imaging

This is more an historical overview of digital imaging in general. If you are curious, and especially if you are just beginning, you might wish to peek at this. But if you are on a tight budget, your money is better invested in the book on scanning, on digital photography, and imaging in Adobe PhotoShop.

28 pages, $12.95


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