Books from Agfa provide practical tips on digital imaging, desktop publishing, and prepress in general.

Whether you do prepress, fine art giclee printing, or other digital imaging, these books provide basic facts on key concepts. With the onslaught of new technology it is difficult to keep up with the new hardware and software. After-market books can help, as can training videos. Here are a series of books and booklets by Agfa Direct which introduce a variety of topics related to digital imaging, prepress, and digital printing. Agfa is a leader in these fields.

Agfa Direct book on The Art & Technology of Typography. Agfa Direct book on prepress and printing suppliers. Agfa Direct, book on digital color prepress.
Agfa Direct, book on digital color printing. Agfa Direct, book on digital color printing. Agfa Direct, book on digital color printing.
AGFA Direct book review. AGFA Direct, a guide to digital photography. Agfa Direct, PDF Printing and Publishing.

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With the advent of fine art giclee printing it is as important to learn the basics of digital imaging for people running giclee printers as it is for prepress operators in the traditional companies. If you wish more information on fine art giclee printers and printmaking, see the table of links at the bottom of this page.

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