Agfa Direct booklets on Printing and Publishing.

After you have your images prepared and are ready to handle digital color, the next step is to face the reality of the printing process itself. The following booklets from Agfa Direct will help get you started.

Extra links to other sites on digital imaging, digital photo printers (dye sub), and new capabilities of advanced laser printers.

Afga Books

Although I began my career as an archaeologist, in fact I have spent many months in print shops while my various books went through the process. Of course all of this was in the pre-digital era (1970-1980's). Like everyone else of my generation I am learning a whole new digital printing world.

Actually this book does not really deal with the digital aspects, but in the traditional aspects of normal printing, mainly how to prepare your manuscript for the printer. We recommend you get this to prepare yourself, but just hope that your own printer has its own guides to help you face reality.

The section on different kinds of binding was (as everything which AFGA produces) expertly pictured.

It would have helped to have a section on paper selection, but you can get that easily (and free) from any of the large paper companies, such as Weyerhaeuser.

Conclusion: there is a lot more that the novice will need to really understand the printing process, but this booklet is a helpful first step in the right direction.

24 pages $12.95

AGFA Direct

Since AGFA Direct sells typefaces, it is natural that their booklet on this subject be almost twice the size of their others.

But Agfa resisted making this into merely an ad for their own typefaces. Instead, this is a general introduction to typography. As such, it gets a "must buy" rating, in large part due to the format, what might best be called "European thoroughness." Everything in the book is well thought out, and flawlessly illustrated in full detail. Whether you are doing desktop publishing or suddenly faced with organizing a formal publication, this is one book you need right now. Besides, the price is right.

59 pages, $9.95

Agfa Direct book review.

Discusses Agfa Apogee, for PDF-based high-end prepress and publishing environments. This is not for desktop publishing.

This booklet is mainly on theory and on Agfa equipment and concepts. I did not find a price in the catalog and thus presume it is a freebie. It is a white paper from Agfa with basic concepts.

Agfa Direct, a book on PDF Printing and Publishing.

If you read trade publications you already realize that PDF is printing for the 21st century. If you have never heard of PDF, then you need this book all the more.Whereas the other titles were booklets, this is a full length book (200 pages).This book actually comes jointly from Agfa and Micro Publishing Press tel 310 212-5802. $27.95 and also sold by Agfa Direct. We recommend this book because this is an introduction to the digital future--and if you wish to keep your own job--to your own job future.

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