FLAAR Digital Imaging Center in Guatemala.

All reviews and product comparisons of FLAAR. Are based on actually using the products in a real-life digital imaging studio.

Here is one of the three Digital Imaging Technology Centers, associated with the Museo Popol Vuh (of Maya art and archaeology) on the campus of the Universidad Francisco Marroquin.

Later this year we will have photos of the entire Center; it will be a few more months before we move into a new office in Guatemala City elsewhere on this beautiful university campus.

DVD Ram36" wide format printer in the right background (EFI Fiery hardware RIP is the blue print server against the wall at the middle right).

Since FLAAR. does professional digital photography worldwide it takes lots of storage to hold all the images (we produce an entire gigabyte of digital photographs, per day, every day).

How can we store all these digital photographs?

what is a RAID array and why do all digital photographers need one?

comprehensive directory of outside links for DVD, CD-R, digital imaging, dye sub, laser printers, giclee Fine Art Printers, RIPs.

Large format printerThis digital imaging center is associated with two professional photo studios nearby, one of which is inside the Museo Popol Vuh. The digital imaging center is co-directed by Max Holzheu, Vice Rector of the university and member of the Board of Directors of the Museo Popol Vuh. DR Nicholas Hellmuth is the CO-director in charge of the digital photography, selection of digital imaging hardware and software, and Review Editor.

The FLAAR. equipment is loaned and/or donated to the museum and university for use of the museum staff. Here we are doing sample prints of preliminary layouts of posters for an upcoming exhibit of 1000 years of ancient musical instruments (ocarinas, whistles, and flutes of the Maya culture).

We found the new Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 2800 CP to be better than our older Encad NovaJet printer so are replacing the Encad with the HP printers. The HP 2000, 3000, 3500 and 3800 are all the same quality as the 2800 (just different RIP situation). All explained on www.FineArtGicleePrinters.org.


Most recently updated Aug. 5, 2001.
First posted Jan 23, 2000