Useful links on laser printers, color copiers and rips for laser printers.

Useful links to product reviews, comparisons, tips, recommendations on digital printers for computers such as 11x17", 13 x 19" tabloid sized (A3 oversize) ink jet printers, wide format printers, laser printers (color laser printers and black and white laser printers),large format printers, color controllers for color copiers, PostScript RIPs for color copiers, dye sublimation printers, and digital photo printers of all kinds (up to the Fuji Pictrography, the Rolls Royce of color digital photo printers).

Includes a variety of related tests, reviews, and product comparisons for advanced digital photography, digital imaging, desktop publishing hardware, software as well as computer accessories and peripherals such as RAID array systems, DVD-RAM storage devices, CD-R, and other useful computer equipment.

Most helpful of all are the comprehensive lists of manufacturers of wide format printers, list of manufacturers of hardware PostScript RIP, and lists of software RIP solutions. Elsewhere you can find complete lists of each and every flatbed scanner, drum scanner, 4x5 film scanner, 35mm film scanner and even wide format sheet-fed scanners or overhead scanners.

Everything for digital imaging, in-house graphics departments, graphics design, advertising agencies, sign shops, and advanced desktop publishing (every FLAAR site has a complete A to Z index...just follow the links).

The Complete and updated directory of digital printers is here!!


Most recently updated July 10, 2008.