Equipment for turntable rollout photographs.

View of the new Better Light digital turntable rollout system. Ideal for turntable peripheral photographs of the circumference of any round object, especially ethnographic objects such as baskets, headdresses, bracelets, carved stools (anything which is round). Rollout cameras are well known for their ability to record Greek, Maya, and Nazca vases. This same rollout system can also be used to take seamless panoramas.

Lowel Ries BetterLight

Lowel DP tungsten light

Ries wooden tripod

Better Light insert


Dedolight, this is the model with attached transformer

Dicomed processor in portable case

4x5 camera on Manfrotto tripod head on Ries tripod

NOT yet pictured: Sola transformer

American Power Conversion UPS

Maya vase is a paper rollout because FLAAR owns no Maya pots at all.

All powered by a Macintosh PowerBook 3400c loaded with maximum RAM. Of course nowadays we use a G3 PowerBook.

The camera pictured here is a Linhof; its L-shaped construction is not appropriate to hold the weight and pull of the SCSI cables. We recommend a Cambo Ultima, Sinar X, or an Arca-Swiss 4x5 for studio work. If you need a smaller more portable 4x5 for remote field work, the Wisner 4x5 has proven itself to be a rugged expedition camera. Almost all the wooden cameras, however, are inadequate for close-up or product photography because of their lack of zero detents. Also their movements tend to be imprecise. You need a sold camera to do close-up work.

 FLAAR studio

polychrome Maya vase rollouts on a new site,

If you need tungsten lamps for your studio, we recommend Bulbman,


Most recently updated March 16, 1999.