Apple Power Book 6 months torture.

Apple Power BookApple PowerBook laptop computer on expedition in Central America survived 6 months torture in tropical Guatemala and Honduras while recording impressive records of Maya civilization.

Now Better Light has come out with a new generation of large format digital camera. The images are correspondingly larger. This will require either a new portable Mac G3, or updating the PowerBook 3400.

Fortunately prices of the G3 PowerBook have dropped. And, size of replacement hard drives for older PowerBooks have grown. A variety of companies offer after-market hard drives and accessories.

On the monitor, digitized image of a Maya vase rollout of animal dancers from a Chama vase.

Macintosh PowerBook on duty at the village archaeology museum of Copan, taking photographs for IHAH, Honduras.

Apple Power BookInstead of charging a commercial fee, FLAAR. Donates its professional photography experience to the regional archaeology departments of the countries of the Maya area.

Equipment is provided courtesy of the companies whose products are making the revolution in digital technology possible.

American Power Conversion uninterruptable power supply is sure helpful when a tropical storm blows down power lines in the middle of a 15-minute digital rollout.

The Macbeth color checker from GretagMacbeth helps keep track of color shifts, since the electricity is never precisely what the tungsten lamps expect (especially with daylight leaking in everywhere).

Wisner 4x5 camera, sturdy enough to hold the heavy digital insert. Manfrotto tripod head, sturdy enough to hold the Wisner plus its digital insert. On the floor, right, the Dicomed Field Pro.


Design updated July 09, 2008.