The best Solution for carrying your camera cases.

In the beginning a backpack-kind of pack is enough, especially if you take pictures mainly on the weekends and vacations. But once you move up to a more advanced level of photography you will eventually need a means to carry your growing quantity of equipment. About 20 years ago I bought a wheeled cart but shortly it fell apart. Then I saw an ad for Remin that offered free repairs for five years, so I calculated this was a practical deal (since I overload all my carts, hastening their premature demise). 


Eventually the subway stairs of the world's cities and countless miles of rough pavement throughout Latin America wore out even the Remin units, but their repair facility put them back in tiptop condition at no cost. Furthermore, they honored the guarantee in a friendly manner (as opposed to one tripod company which kept charging huge replacement fees even through their advertising claimed their tripods were flawless, would last your entire lifetime, and would be repaired free).

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Our review policy is to list as many viable alternatives as possible. In the case of this class of cart, I have never found any other that is either comparable or a realistic alternative. I have recommended Remin products to many people, in fact finally the marketing department of the Remin company heard about my comments and called my office to offer their new model HD 500 S to test out.

I currently have four Kart-a-Bag carts, two model 800 and two model Super 600. I station some in Germany and keep others in the USA. When I am totally overloaded I have learned to use two of them simultaneously, pushing one while I pull the other.

Recently Remin developed their model HD500 and HD 500 S (for shelf). If you have to set up a computer for your digital camera then the shelf can be quite helpful.


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