Reviews of hardware, software, and computer peripherals.

which we have tested and we recommend for advanced digital imaging technology especially for archaeology, art history, geology, botany, and zoology.

We try to provide two links to each sponsor/benefactor. The first link is to our review of their pertinent products. The second link is to their corporate web site. Sponsors which have no second link have no web site or else perhaps we have not yet found it.

Since the FLAAR. Web sites are always under construction and revision, any sections which are unlinked will be added as soon as possible.

Hardware Sponsors

review Sola power conditioners
review American Power Conversion

UMAX flatbed scanners

Camera Equipment

Better Light (digital cameras)

Dicomed (digital cameras)

Wisner (large format cameras)

Videssence (see Information about field use)

Kart-a Bag (Essential carts and tables)

Leica 100mm macro lenses

Rodenstock (lenses for large format cameras)

Photography Sponsors


Calumet Digital Solutions


Munsell Color

Ries quality tripods

Rosco (essential professional color filters)

Software Benefactors

Apple Computer

Autodesk (AutoCad)

FWB Hard Disk ToolKit

Caligari (TrueSpace3)

Photo Studio Lighting Providers

Smith-Victor (light stands)

BulbMan (lamps for all studio lighting)

Videssence (special lights for digital photography)

Digital Photography Printers

review American Ink Jet Co. (paper)

Encad (Nova Jet Pro)

EFI (Electronics for Imaging) Fiery hardware RIP

Hewlett-Packard, Large Format Division, Barcelona, Spain

MacDermid ColorSpan

QMS laser printers

Lexmark laser printers

Weyerhaeuser recommended paper for laser printers

Additional Sponsors of Professional Studio Photography

These sponsors (such as AGFA) are listed on our other Web Site

In some cases the products are used both for film-based photography and also for digital photography (such as tripods, lenses) in which case the corporate sponsor is listed for film-based and again under our other web sites.

Other equipment that we strongly recommend because we have tested these and comparable products and find these are of superior quality and best suited to professional photography.

Arca Swiss cameras

Hedler studio lighting (for European 220 electricity),


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