Digital panoramic camera sample shoots

Here are four panos of Lake Atitlan. These show the different cloud conditions at this time of year (the best time of year to get exotic images of the lake). The top three panos are from same spot on three consecutive days. The other pano is from several miles away.

It takes an entire expedition to achieve these beautiful results. The costs are significant, but FLAAR has a long-range interest in testing and evaluating camera equipment. This kind of panoramic camera is ideal for museums, universities, research institutes, professional photographers, to record the landscape as it exists today. These pano shots at high resolution are irreplaceable records for future reference.

We return to Guatemala either in the late summer or in late November-early December almost every year. In some instances we accept individuals to accompany us to help cover the costs of the expeditions. Contact is via email:

The primary camera that we recommend is the large format BetterLight Pano/WideView system. You can obtain more information from

Lake Atitlan shoot with betterlight
Atitlan Pano Better Light
Atitlan Lake Better Light Panormaic
Another shoot of the Lake Atitlan


Betterlight large format digital camera
Here is Nicholas Hellmuth with one sample printed by the Durst Rho 800 Presto, a combo style UV-curable ink flatbed printer.

Most recently updated Jan. 19, 2006.
Posted Dec. 11 2002.