Rollout photography of the Tiquisate curly face.

Close-up view of the 4x5 format digital turntable rollout system for circumferential photography of any circular object.

Rollout Equipment digital photography

The main setup (all the Videssence and Lowel lights are outside the view on both sides). The Dedolight is crucial to illuminate the bottom of the vessel, otherwise the bottom third of the subject will be too dark.

We will shortly be replacing the Dedolights with SunSpots from NorthLight Products (Calumet Digital Solutions) because the Dedolights may have caused electrical interference. This is a blinking of the lights, as seen by the CCD sensor. It results in a defect consisting in gray lines up and down the image at regular intervals. This type of defect was also caused by any fan or other motor anywhere in the room, or any xerox machine or comparable motor even if elsewhere in the building.

Defective electrical lines can be solved if a Sola Hevi-Duty (sic) constant voltage power conditioner is utilized.

Most recently updated March 3, 2000.
Previously updated March 10, 1999.