Review on web design software.

With so much web design software available it is difficult to figure out which to buy. Product comparisons are crucial because web design software is somewhat more useful than Shakespeare nowadays.

With 8 web sites and over 500 web pages, the Digital Imaging Technology Center is an ideal place to test and review all kinds of web design software. We also visit graphics design studios and work together with the Center for Advanced Imaging to get additional perspectives.

About six packages of SilverFast scanning software is arriving from LaserSoft Imaging in Kiel, Germany, so our staff is rather busy at the moment, but once past those reviews we will go to work on obtaining, testing, and reviewing a wider variety of graphics software.

Adobe Streamline

Headline Studio

Kai's Power Tools

HiJack Pro


Macromedia Fireworks


For AutoMask, Conematte, Extensis MaskPro Mask FX, Ultimatte KnockOut (masking software).

For Equilibrium DeBalelizer (see

For Adobe InDesign and PosterWorks (see

Color Management such as Candela Color Synergy (see



Most recently updated April 09, 2001.