Photographers need special attention to achieve good reproduction of their inkjet prints.

Inkjet Prints reviews
Differents kinds of media, that you can print on.

This requires adequate and appropriate inkjet media.

Junk in, junk out. If you print on plain bond paper the results of ugly and embarrassing.

Since FLAAR has been dedicated to excellence in museum photography for decades (since the 1960's actually) we have a long range interest in inkjet printing of exhibit-quality photographs.

Therefore we were especially interested in finding LexJet.

LexJet also has a long term program to develop the best products for digital photography.

Thus it seemed logical to partner with each other. We visited their tradeshow booth, checked out their impressive web site, and then visited their headquarters in Florida to learn more about their capabilities.

You can also get to know LexJet as a source of inkjet media for photographers. Tel 800-453-9538, from outside USA 941-330-1210, Fax 941-330-1220 e-mail for general information:


First posted June 3, 2002.