List and links for panorama camera equipment and digital panorama photography.

Both of the FLAAR digital photography studios (Bowling Green State University and Francisco Marroquin University) are now offering courses in digital panorama photography. Thus over the course of this year we will be preparing all kinds of updates to the digital and panorama portions of the FLAAR information network of web sites.

Noblex panorama cameras and panorama projectors (Noblux)

Linhof wide angle cameras

Schneider ultra wide angle lenses for large format cameras

Better Light panorama adaptation of the Dicomed Field Pro DDC

Fuji and other wide angle cameras will be added shortly.

Hasselblad SuperWide C

Summary: If you do not really need a complete 360 view, there are several Linhof cameras that will be ideal, especially with a Schneider ultra wide angle lens. If you want to go full 360-degrees, then the absolute best is the Better Light panorama adaptation of the BetterLight system. If you can only handle (or only afford) 35mm, then we recommend the Nikon 13mm and 15mm with any Nikon body.

For additional information on panorama photography, especially traditional panoramic cameras that use film (rather than digital) check out the IAPP and their web site


Last updated Aug. 5, 2001.