Instruction in nature photophotography with digital cameras available from Nicholas Hellmuth.

Courses from FLAAR are available via the Internet, so you can take the course anywhere in the world. The course covers studio photography, product photography, art photography, lighting, cameras, software, panorama and nature photography.

Samples Digital photography Samples digital photography
Composition of giant leaves of a vine. Shot outside my apartment overlooking the FLAAR offices at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala City, Central America. Underside of a banana leaf, backlit from the sun (shooting into the sun therefore). Having an office in the tropics makes it easy to find photogenic plants.
Samples of digital photography Digital photography sample

Agave-like plant against tree fern, a view looking outside my apartment. Shot in early morning overcast daylight, after an all night rain.
Nikon D100, TIF format.

These photos are to show you that beautiful compositions are all around you. It's just a matter of opening your eyes to the possibilties that are in front of you. I saw this plant while waiting for breakfast. It is the monsoon season in the summer, which means lots of water-covered plants to photograph.


First posted June 26, 2003.