ViaGrafix training software.

ViaGrafix offers a wide variety of training videos and CDs which cover Photoshop and comparable software.

ViaGrafix Training SoftwareViaGrafix, One American Way, Pryor OK 74361, tel (918) 825-6700, toll free (800) 842-4723,

ViaGrafix is a large company with the experience and resources to provide a professional product. This means you can get the videos in NTSC and PAL TV format for use worldwide. Indeed some tutorials are available in Spanish, German, and French. ViaGrafix training programs are available on video and interactive CD.

ViaGrafix tutorials cover virtually all major Windows and Mac software and operating systems (how about 950 titles). The themes pertinent to the present web site are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXpress.

Hard disk management: Norton Utilities, FWB Hard Disk ToolKit, TechTool Pro, MacTools.


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