Scanning & Color Correction in Adobe Photoshop.

Is part of a series of interactive learning CDs from Digital Media. This is appropriate for someone perhaps with zero background and no experience as a quick overview before they get a 500 page after-market book. For sheer cost-effectiveness, $99 is rather steep for an introduction level treatment. I personally would get more bang for the buck with some good books on scanning from Peachpit Press, and either of the several heavy duty books on color correction. These books may total more than $99, but the educational value per dollar of the books is higher than this particular CD. If the can get this CD discounted, and if you learn better with movie clips, then by all means consider the CD. I liked the next title more.

Scanning & Color correction in Adobe Photoshop"Composition of images in Adobe Photoshop & Extensis Mask Pro" is for the intermediate user who has already been introduced to basic Photoshop. This tutorial is informative and might be useful before the user sits down at the computer and faces the actual commands. This training CD would be fore Photoshop v 5.0.2 because v 5.5 already has a comparable masking program merged into Photoshop.

Knowing how to do masks and paths professionally is certainly worth $99, since a good operator can easily earn this sum back in a few hours. I will return to this CD when I have more time and see if I can get deeper into the material.

A new title, "Adobe InDesign Fundamentals" will be useful since Adobe InDesign allows you to create posters or banners up to 18 feet long for wide format printers. Neither Quark Xpress nor PageMaker can go much over 42+ inches.

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If a book(let) is easier for you to digest, and if lots of well-done illustrations make a difference, then try out the growing series of publications by Agfa.

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