Nicholas Hellmuth evaluates the Kodak 35mm DCS SLR/c and compares with Nikon D100 and Nikon D70.

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It was a challenge to obtain a Kodak SLR camera to review, probably because most reviews on the Internet roasted the Kodak 14n and continue to criticize the Kodak SLR/c and SLR/n too. Thus Kodak is a bit shy about providing independent reviewers with the camera. We are neutral and don't get kickbacks from any camera manufacturer. Our reviews have one starting point: what digital camera is optimal for the applications at hand, based on our own personal experience?

So if we don't have access to a camera, we will tend to believe those reviews that we feel are the most realistic.

And in the case of Kodak 14n cameras, and even the SLR/c and SLR/n, those reviews that are not obviously PR from the company, tend to be negative. We found only one positive review on the SLR/c and SLR/n that was relatively independent. Keep in mind that 90% of what is on the Internet is paid or sponsored PR. Most reviews are merely pseudo-reviews, fluff and puff to keep everyone happy. There are only about two web sites that produce piercing reviews based on actual use of the equipment under real world conditions.

As a result we were pleasantly surprised that the photographs with the SLR/c turned out better than those of the Nikon D100 that we used the same day.

Nicholas Hellmuth won the Kodak-Germany DRUPA digital printer trade show sweepstakes, which was an all-expense paid trip for two to the Olympics in Greece . We provided the second free ticket to Julie, a photography student from the University of Illinois . She used the Nikon D100 and Nicholas had a medium format Leaf Valeo 22 megapixel and the Kodak 14 megapixel SLR/c. The Kodak beat the Nikon D100 on every photo.

Nikon D100 and Nikon D70 Samples
Nikon D100 and Nikon D70 Samples

We had the Kodak SLR/c only for a few hours, on a Greek island, in 100+ degree weather. There was no instruction book available since the loan was on rather short notice (a kind Kodak Vice President put it on the breakfast table that day). We will have the full report available when possible, but for the time being we can report, that in full sunlight, the camera works just fine.

We printed the images on a wide format printer to see the results. The image taken with the SLR/c held details both in the shadows and in the highlights. We rate the image as exceptional quality. We will try to show the print in our next update.

In the meantime Kodak was very brave to send us a SLR/n for us to test. We flew it to Guatemala and Honduras to use over the Christmas holidays (we never take a full holiday; we test cameras the year round). Our review should be ready shortly on a separate page.

Tim Brown is currently undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of the Canon Digital Rebel. We are surprised at the results. We feel people should obtain this review before they start buying digital cameras based on rosy reviews that may be influenced by sales commissions or other commercial considerations.

If you wish to learn more about the Kodak SLR/c and SLR/n, we recommend you contact Parrot Digigraphic. They handle a complete range of digital cameras, including for fine art giclee. Their e-mail is


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