Paterson Photographic e-Flash flat panel electronic flash for digital camera lighting.

At Photokina 2000 and again at Photokina 2002, I spend quality time at the Novoflex booth. They offer the neatest gadgets for photography. All with made-in-Germany quality. One of the items that attracted me was their Novoflex Flash Art flat panel on-camera flash.

Then I learned about the Zenon MagneFlash 57 and Plus. We have seen the Zenon offered only in England but surely come clever distributor offers it in the US .

Next there is the Sunpack digitFLASH and Sunpack cyberFLASH. But we did not notice these at any of the trade shows. Surely present, but with thousands of products it's easy to miss something at PMA and PhotoPlus. Perhaps we will see them at Photokina 2004: FLAAR crew is there the entire week every two years in Cologne .

But a flash unit that I did very much notice at PhotoPlus trade show in New York (November 2003) was the e-Flash from Paterson Photographic Inc. They had friendly and helpful people at their booth. They kindly sent a unit so we could evaluate it. As soon as we can finish testing we will report back.

In the meantime, you can contact Paterson Photographic directly to get into and tips; their telephone in Georgia is (770) 947-9796.

Nicholas hellmuth G5, paterson photographic e-flash
Nicholas opening up the Paterson e-Flash flat panel flash unit in the FLAAR digital photography evaluation studios.


First posted December 1, 2003.