LVT Rhino Image Recorder.

How to turn your digital photographs into 35mm, 2 1/4 (120), or 4x5 film? What if you need an old fashioned negative? What do you then do with your digital image?

A "film recorder" will take your digital image and turn it into a 35mm transparency or any size you need.

Our network of 8 web sites and over 500 pages of reviews keeps us rather busy, so it may take a while to find all the film recorders for you, but in the meantime, at least now you know what equipment you need.

If you have a film recorder you may need an electrical power conditioner to keep flicker and other common electical fluctuations from causing banding in your images. We recommend constant voltage power conditioners from Sola Hevi-Duty. If you do high-end digital photography you need one of these in your studio.

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