The Digital Imaging Technology Center provides over 132 reports in book format of testing, product comparisons, reviews, and recommendations of wide format inkjet printers. Especially if you are looking for a wide format printer for a photo studio, repro or in-house copy shop, graphics design studio, or sign shop. If you are considering upgrading to a wide format inkjet printer see if you can talk the local dealer into installing the printer in your office for a trial period. It is worth your investment to offer to pay "rent" if subsequently you happen not to want to buy the printer outright. Of course once you see the color prints produced so easily in the comfort of your own office you will surely decide the keep the printer.

When the wide format printer arrived in the office we did not really know what to expect. Seeing the printer in a dealer's showroom or at a trade show is different than having the printer in your own office. The massive PR about the EFI hardware RIP made it appear far superior to any software RIP. But now, 3 years later, and after having a second EFI Fiery RIP, we release this was the wrong choice in RIPs.


Most recently checked, August 3, 2005.