Buhlite ceramic high-intensity discharge metal halide lamps for digital photography.

Buhl Industries makes lights for television studios and other uses that require low heat. Several years ago photographers began experimenting with Buhl lights for using with tri-linear scanning backs such as BetterLight.

Buhlite offers several location lighting kits: 70 watts or 150 watts.

The Buhl website does not explain the technology inside their lights, but seemingly it is a kind of ceramic high-intensity discharge metal halide lamp. We have a lot to sort out because few sites explain what all these abbreviations mean, or the difference between one brand’s application of the technology and another.

Make sure you do not get an unwanted hot spot when you are photographing large flat areas, such as maps, paintings, drawings, etc. The folks in the BetterLight booth at PhotoPlus and PMA can explain which size and shape of CDM lighting produces which size and shape of hot spot.

For this reason we recommend that you consult with lighting specialists who work with a BetterLight large format camera system on a regular basis. David Christensen himself designs and manufacturers lighting of many different technologies: tungsten, fluorescent, and continuous discharge. So he knows the details from inside out. Plus Dave is a photographer. Not many people who sell camera equipment actually design photography equipment. You can reach Dave at 650 366-5483, e-mail david@NorthLightProducts.com

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