You acquire exposure to every level of digital camera when you are clever enough to select a course in digital photography by Nicholas Hellmuth.

Most schools don’t have this class of equipment.
Few professors have used such a range of equipment in any event.

You too can achieve this quality from a large format digital camera.
Large format digital Camera Cruse scanner: Large format digital camera
Panorama Photography
Quality you can expect from medium format digital camera.
Medium format digital camera sample Sample for medium format digital camera
Quality you can expect from 6 megapixel 35mm SLR.
Samples from 35mm SLR Samples from 35 mm SLR.
Quality you can expect from zoom-lens entry level digital camera.
Digital camera zoom-lens Entry Level digital camera.

You learn all levels of digital cameras in a FLAAR course on digital photography by Nicholas Hellmuth: medium format and large format for pros and pro-sumers; 35mm SLR for pros and pro-sumers; entry level for beginners who wish to become pros.