The best image management software.

FLAAR was awarded two grants for feasibility studies for scanning and digital asset management. We quickly found that none of the normal data base management software was really adequate. Microsoft Access does not work on a Macintosh. Although I have seen people use Microsoft database software to handle TIF files or JPEGs, that's not really the way to go.

One place recommended Portfolio, from Extensis, but the industry standard is Cumulus version 5 from Canto Software. Like other German software companies such as BEST Color (a wide format RIP software), Cumulus has everything you need for digital files.

Canto Cumulus, best image management software
Canto booth at Seybold.

So if keeping track of digital photographs is important to you, check out Canto Cumulus 5. Or, like us, you can spend a fortune to do a feasibility study. We worked four years (this is the research which is the basis for the entire FLAAR Information Network). Or, you can save yourself time and money and try Canto Cumulus 5.

No, we do not own stock in Canto; wish we did.

No, we do not get commissions on their sales; wish we did, but FLAAR is a non-profit institute at a university.


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