Apple G4 Titanium PowerBook out on location helping record ancient Maya culture.

Whether in Central America or in Central Florida, the Macintosh 3400c works day and night processing images for this web site. After a long day of taking photographs out in the field, at night I use it to transfer gigabytes of digital images to Pinnacle Micro Apex storage for safekeeping.

Apple G4 titanium PowerBook Apple G4 Titanium PowerBook
Andrea David (FLAAR.) at work in the 7th century ballcourt of Copan, Honduras. The tropical heat (35 degree centigrade, over 100 degree F ) did not bother the Apple portable. Andrea photographing Maya skull in museum. FLAAR director back at the BCC headquarters preparing the Maya archaeology images for publication. This portable Mac is faster than most desk-sized PCs. We have moved our offices to St Louis, Missouri and will shortly have some pictures of our new digital imaging set up there and in Essen, Germany.

Today (spring 2004) all of this is obsolete. Pinnacle Micro no longer exists, and no reader can handle their storage disks.

Now we use a 15” Mac G4 Titanium PowerBook during our photography in Central America . Unfortunately it has no SCSI, a poor decision on Apple’s part. So we have to use a Ratoc card. Actually it was easier to buy some older WallStreet models since these still had SCSI built-in. We use a BetterLight digital camera that requires SCSI.

The 17” successor PowerBook has not received good reviews so we are very tempted to switch to the 17” HP or 17” Toshiba laptops. We need the screen space when we are doing digital photography.


Last updated April 22, 2004.
Previously updated March 3, 1999.