SCSI cables need to be from reputable companies because a cheap SCSI cable can ruin all your digital images.

SCSI CablesIf you do not have the proper SCSI cables you can get digital garbage printed over your precious digital images.
Yes, your digital images can be ruined, instantly, every picture on your hard drive.
A SCSI conflict, cables too long, defective cables... the result is that bright lines get overprinted across each and every file that is affected. Of course human error can cause SCSI disaster's too, and even the best of cables can occasionally have a flaw. This is why you need to have backup copies of all your valuable digital images.

The picture here shows a typical SCSI spaghetti of cables on my own desk.
If you buy your hard drives, RAID systems, CD burners, MO drives, etc from MegaHaus you should be receiving good cables along with your high quality equipment. Email will get you in touch with them.
Cables are not a place to shop low-bid, and definitely not a place to search the Internet and find some cheap price. Good cables are costly, but this is a good way to provide an extra bit of insurance for your digital photographs.

Design updated July 16, 2008.