Digital camera studio in Guatemala.

Introduction to professional studio photography and digital imaging equipment in the FLAAR test center at Francisco Marroquin University.

FLAAR has been doing photography of art in museums for over 30 years, so you can learn from our experience of what equipment works well and which brands are recommended.

Photography Studie FLAAR
Here is the FLAAR evaluation center for large format camera equipment in the Francisco Marroquin University, Popol Vuh Museum (of Maya antiquities).

FLAAR is now opening up another test center for digital photography equipment at Bowling Green State University of Ohio (BGSU).

The new FLAAR + BGSU demo studio will add portrait photography (lighting and appropriate digital cameras). We will also test 35mm SLR digital cameras as well as the 5 megapixel point-and-shoot digital cameras.

20,000 photographers a month come to this FLAAR web site to learn factual information on what digital photography cameras, lenses, lighting, and accessories is a recommended best buy.

You can easily chose the wrong digital equipment.

But we have already tested dozens of cameras and lighting types. Let our experience spare you from making the wrong choice.

If you want to do digital photography of professional quality, and if you need to enlarge your digital images, 4x5 format is a format you should consider for some situations.

We thank the president of Lowel Light for providing the Lowel DPs, Lowel Omni lights, and Lowel Rifa lights. We already had our own Lowel Totalights.

All the tungsten lamps (bulbs) are from Bulbman, Bulbman is the largest source of photography and projection lamps in the country. Order today and they deliver by tomorrow.

We thank BetterLight for providing the tri-linear scanning back shown here.

There are many kinds of Lowel lighting in addition to that we are able to picture here. To get additional information, telephone, toll free 1 800 334-3426; for questions on equipment, e-mail; for general questions, email FLAAR has used Lowel Lighting for over 34 years and those fixtures are still working just fine. That's why we recommend this brand. They are nicely designed and hold up well.


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