Apple PowerBook 3400c creating rotating virtual view of ancient Maya skull.

The rotating virtual view of the Maya skull was created in this Copan village museum in Honduras, Central America, using Better Light Dicomed digital camera with Apple PowerBook. This and the newer G3 are the only portable computers powerful enough to handle the large images produced by a Better Light Dicomed Field Pro digital photography system.

Photographing Maya skull in Copan museum.It takes the latest in digital imaging technology to meet the challenges of scientific recording in archaeology. American Power Conversion Uninterruptible power supply is essential--especially when the power goes out constantly and electrical highs and lows happen every five minutes.

Wisner 4x5 camera is completely portable. Its beautiful hardwood grain attracts considerable attention wherever we are set up.

Gitzo tripod survives rough beatings being moved around in pickup trucks on bumpy mountain roads. Manfrotto tripod head is absolutely necessary to level the digital camera for the 360-degree rotation of the skull. Gretag Macbeth color chart tells us we are too blue.

The Better Light software for the Dicomed Field Pro is very forgiving to the mixture of light sources. Here we have daylight, fluorescent lighting from the museum, and tungsten.

Macintosh PowerBook 3400c runs the digital camera imaging system and produces flawless pictures. A Kart-a-Bag (Remin) portable Kart Master table holds the $30,000 worth of equipment during the shoot, and then cleverly folds into a cart to move on to the next location.

Last updated May 26, 1998.
Previously updated Aug. 3, 1999.