Points that FLAAR cover to decide what camera to buy.

So many people ask for help deciding what digital camera to buy that Nicholas Hellmuth has now finished a comprehensive report which surveys professional digital scan backs. Includes tri-linear are format scanning backs, area array scan backs, 1-shot, 3-shot (multi-shot), micro-step, CCD backs, CMOS, and other professional digital camera systems.

Nikon D200 reviews and evaluations
Nicholas Hellmuth evaluating the Nikon D200 medium format digital camera.

If you need to figure out which megapixel point-and-shoot camera under $1000 to buy, this is not the appropriate source. FLAAR covers only professional studio equipment.

* Why Digital (why not stick with traditional film)
* If digital cameras are so fabulous, why don’t more photographers use digital cameras?
* Scan backs, also called scanning backs or tri-linear systems
* Area Arrays (one shot cameras)
* Micro-stepping variant of 1-shot cameras: piezo
* Three-shot (multi-shot) digital systems
* CMOS Technology
* Inventory of digital cameras, by technology
* Scan backs: model by model
* Digital Lenses for digital photography with scan backs
* 35mm Digital Cameras
* Rebranding, Housebrands, OEMing
* Recommendations on large format scan backs
* Recommendations on 1-shot/3-shot digital backs
* Recommendations on 35mm digital cameras
* Point and shoot megapixel cameras under $1000
* Overcoming downsides of digital technology
* Standard Myths
* Other Advertising Hype to watch out for
* Cameras to hold your large format scan backs (PhaseOne, BetterLight, etc)
* Lighting for Digital Photography
* Electronic Shutters
* Best Magazine to subscribe to
* Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles (other than on the Internet).


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