Useful Scanners on flatbed scanners and 35mm scanners.

Reviews of flatbed scanners, scanner software, 35mm film scanners (35mm slide scanners), drum scanners, and wide format sheet-fed and roll scanners are covered. Tests, product reviews, recommendations, and comparisons of flatbed scanners make these links extremely helpful. Now that scanning software is more user-friendly, now that flatbed scanner prices have dropped considerably, now is the time to upgrade to a higher quality flatbed scanner.

An independent review is usually taken more seriously than a paid infomercial. How often have you seen the manufacturer's claim in a flatbed scanner ad "close to drum scanner quality." If drum scanners are so good, why not check out drum scanners (which we do, as available on the links below). Certain flatbed scanners nowadays do offer a level of quality which is cost-effective for desktop publishing, in-house publishing, and specific aspects of pre-press. Yet if you want absolutely the top quality that is technologically possible, if you need to enlarge small details from a transparency for large format billboard display, then an actual drum scanner is the best solution.

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We welcome outside opinions, constructive critique (we come from our various backgrounds and you may have experience in an area different than ours). With so many makes and models it is likely that you have used equipment or software that we have not yet tested. In many cases we have published readers' comments, sometimes entire though usually edited for length, style and spelling. E-mail will reach us whether we are testing in Germany, in the USA, or in our test studios in Guatemala, Central America,

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