Tally color laser tabloid printer.

Color laser printers today can produce photo-realistic color quality. We just chose a Tally color laser printer over HP, Lexmark, and Tektronix color laser printers because we liked the quality. The price was less than other color printers as well.

Tally color laser tabloid Printer Tally color laser tabloid
Tally T8204 color laser printer, for 11x17 tabloid sized prints in full color. Here are the first color prints as were are learning the features of this wonderful printer.

Our previous color laser printer was a Lexmark 1275, only letter size. There are countless advantages to being able to print color at 11x17--and especially when you can print 12x18 on paper 13x19 inches in size. This is 11x17 full bleed, A3 oversize for Europe and Asia.

As we use the printer and learn more about its features, we will add additional pages. For more information check out www.laser-printer-reviews.org.

If you need information specifically on a black-and-white laser printer that can economically print a rollout of a Maya vase at photo-realistic museum-exhibit quality (in B+W), the GCC laser can do it, indeed can render a print of a rollout of a Maya vase enlarged up to 35 inches long (at 800 or 600 dpi for that length), 13 inches tall. With this enlargement you can exhibit the rollouts as well as study every pertinent detail of the brush strokes or phonetic details of the hieroglyphic inscriptions. Contact for information on GCC: Bob Kinsella, e-mail bkinsella@gcctech.com. Telephone (800) 422-7777, (if you get voice mail send an e-mail).


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