Books and Magazines Recommendations.

Books and videos are essential to learning the newest version of the ever more complex multimedia software. PageMill (for creating web sites) is easy to learn on your own; but for CyberStudio (now Adobe GO LIVE) a good after-market book would help. And for DreamWeaver, a book and video could rescue your nerves.

With millions of eager digital customers wanting the latest release, there is a huge and growing market for information.

Thousands of professors need to know about the latest advance in products before their students, form a hungry market for trade magazines, which tend to be the best for product reviews.

Another market is less often recognized, the millions of older people who see their grandchildren work the new digital equipment and software. Not wanting to be left behind they too need, and are prepared to pay for, the necessary books. My mother, aged 79, just bought a scanner, an Alps dry ink color printer, and buys 'how to' books on a variety of computer topics.

Due to the demand for information, we have initiated this gateway of links. It will grow with time, and at present should be considered still under development.

We review products (magazines, videos, and books) whether they be in German, Spanish, or English, the languages we can ourselves read, and the languages of the largest international markets. Book reviews are in other areas of the FLAAR.


Midrange and high-end are the goals of the FLAAR. Test and review institute. Thus we do not review consumer level magazines like (in Germany) Computer BILD magazine.

ComputerFoto: e-mail

Computer Graphics World:

Digital Graphics is one of my two favorite trade magazines.

Tel: (303) 469-0424, fax (303) 469-5730

PO Box 1416, Broomfield CO 80038-1416

Digital Imaging, Cygnus Publishing,

The Big Picture magazine offers comprehensive coverage of large format printers and media.

This company also publishes and distributes books on sign making etc. (ST. Publications)

Big Picture magazine reviews

Electronic Publishing is the other of my two recommended trade magazines.,

subscriptions 800 331-4463, ext. 537,

E-mail carlapi@pennwell

Electronic Publishing magazine

Digital Output: The Business Guide for Electronic Publishers is another excellent choice. We devote an entire page to reviewing Digital Output on

Digital OutPut magazine
PEI, Photo Electronic Imaging Magazine,, highly recommended magazine for professional digital photography and related topics.


Including Large Format Professional and/or with good digital-photography components.

Camera Arts, 35mm and medium format,

FotoImagen, revista (in Spanish), Mario Fernandez, publisher, 7593 NW 8th St., Unit 6, Miami FL 33126, tel (305) 264 0900, fax (305) 264 9480,, e-mail

FotooMagazine, top special Verlag, Hamburg, Germany, tel 040 34 72 46 73

Photo Media magazine reviewsIndustrial Photography , was unable to find a web site, do not know if they still exist (information welcomed at our e-mail,

Photo District News and PIX,, Photo District News is traditional source of information for professional photographers. PIX is a new format for digital photography.

Photo Media, for serious creators and users of photography. PhotoMedia, 19019 Corliss Ave North, Seattle WA 98133, e-mail,

Studio Photography & DesignView Camera Magazine, Steve Simmons, Publisher, (916) 441-2557,


Schwarzweiss (recent issue was 20, thus titled Schwarzweiss 20),

Studio Photography & Design, Cygnus Publishing,


c't - Magazin für Computertechnik,

E-media ProfessionalE-media Professional (dedicated to DVD, CD of all flavors)

Trade magazine for CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, all other DVD

If you wish to keep up with technological and marketing information about all kinds of CDs and DVD, then you need E-media professional.


Digital Fine Art Magazine (formerly Giclees Today), e-mail:,


Several Mac magazines in the USA did not survive the crisis of Apple Computer in 1996-1997. MacWeek was a great source of inside information and will be missed by all. A pale reflection is on the Internet,

In Germany the major Macintosh magazine is Macup, e-mail, web site

Mac MAGAZIN, leading Mac magazine for German speaking Europe,

Mac Addict, additional useful information on the Macintosh world,

MacWorld, essential reading for Mac users,


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