Spheron VR PanoCam and Sphero Cam HDR.

I first met the German inventors of the Spheron cameras when they were evidently still graduate students. This was probably Photokina 1998. By Photokina 2000 they were in business. By Photokina 2002 their camera was obviously successful. It is nice to see people work hard and produce a product that is acknowledged for its capabilities.

Previously FLAAR featured a single brand of digital pano camera. But as our readership has grown we realized that not everyone wants the same kind of digital panoramic camera. Some people need the utmost scientific precision, but generally the market calls for an easy to use, totally portable solution that can be employed in interior architecture, car interiors, and police work. You will note that Spheron VR exhibits in the leading police trade shows in Germany.

We at FLAAR are more into mural-sized panoramas, but those huge sizes are not really very practical. So the Spheron PanoCam camera is a good alternative for producing a size that you can actually fit on your wall. Since people in over 42 countries read the FLAAR web site, and as Spheron obviously has tech support in European languages, we felt it would help our European readers to have more access to European products.

So far Spheron does not make a turntable solution for doing circumferential rollouts, but perhaps they will in the future.

They do make sophisticated spherical photography systems, their Sphero Cam HDR. So check out their web site for an introduction to German technology.

The contact that we know for Spheron is Gerhard Bonnet, bonnet@spheron.com.



Most recently updated Februaty 09, 2004.