Sola Hevi-Duty constant voltage power conditioner.

Review of how to protect your digital lighting from electrical interference; crucial information for the professional digital photographer with high-end digital cameras and studio lighting.

Maya vase rollout with defects caused by electrical interference to digital lighting.Maya vase rollout with defects caused by electrical interference to digital lighting.

It took about a week before I noticed the digital defects. It will probably take you a few minutes before you can find the defects (they are gray bands, about one center to one inch from each other. This is when the light flickered to a lower level of illumination).

It then took a day before I figured out what caused the defects (it was not the camera, it was the lighting).

Then it took a week of testing to figure out precisely which (how many) electrical items could cause this defect.

We subsequently got an e-mail from another user of a 4x5 digital system who reported similar problems. We explained this was caused by the electrical lines, not by anything the photographer was doing. He subsequently investigated and found out that indeed his electrical wiring was faulty.

All this can be solved by a Sola constant voltage power conditioner. Why wait until you ruin a weeks photography?

Sola power Conditioner
Sola power conditioner at FLAAR digital photography studio.

Besides, you may never notice the deficiencies until you enlarge the picture to wide-format dimensions. But your client is not going to be very happy.

Solution: don't let anyone use a photocopier machine, hair dryer, water pump, soldering iron, or any heavy metal machinery. Watch out especially for air conditioners an even normal fans.

Even if your own studio is 'clean', if anyone else, anywhere in your building, turns on an electrical motor (pump or anything heavy duty) you may get gray bands across your image. Solution, link to the Sola site and order your Sola unit today.

Sola moved about a year or so ago and thus are not easy to find if you look for their old address. Contact for Sola: Clyde Knoppe, Sola/Hevi-Duty, 7770 N. Frontage Road, Skokie, IL 60077, tel (847) 763-6603, fax (847) 773-6033, email:


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