Comments on Seitz digital Roundshot panoramic cameras.

Having visited the Seitz workshop in Lustdorf, Switzerland, I can comment on the precision with which their panorama cameras are designed and constructed. I have subsequently seen the handiwork of brothers Werner and Peter Seitz at Photokina 1998, Photokina 2000, and Photokina 2002.

The advantage of Seitz cameras is that they come in many distinct sizes and shapes. Seitz designs for a wide range of clients, including hobby photographers, enthusiasts, and pro-sumers as well as professionals. Many members of the panoramic photo associations have Seitz Roundshot cameras, either for 35mm, 120, 220, 70mm or the newer digital models.

We should also point out that some Seitz cameras can do rollout photograph, such as the one we have. This means you can put your objects on the turntable, rotate the object, and obtain a circumferential image of the outside of the object. This is important for archaeology.

People who have been reading FLAAR web sites for years will hopefully note our new philosophy, of covering a wider range of products as we move into 2004. This new philosophy is because when readership continued to climb we realized that a wider range of products would appeal to them.

It will be a while until we can flesh out the new philosophy but it's the year 2004 and its good to realize that several great brands of panoramic cameras are available.

Contact is Werner Seitz and/or Peter Seitz, e-mail

In the US their capable distributor is Peter Lorber,, tel (561) 361-0031.


First posted February 9, 2004.