Schwarm-Geisenhofer vacuum easel.

A Schwarm-Geisenhofer vacuum easel just arrived for our new Cruse reprographic copy stand scanner system. This is a combo digital camera overhead scanning system.

The vacuum easel is to keep paintings, maps, and other sheets flat, so they can be photographed flawlessly. This system helps, but it is better if your objects are flat to begin with. There is a limit to how much the easel can actually suck down to create a vacuum.

Contact: Mike Lind, (for years the sales and installation outlet for this company) and/or Kurt Ernst, Mike Lind (managing director of USA office of Cruse GmbH of Germany)

Schwarm Geisenhofer


Last updated July 3, 2003.
First posted August 12, 2001, picture added May 11, 2001.