VR Toolbox for Macintosh.

When I first began to develop virtual reality views (of museums of Maya archaeology) and virtual objects (of Maya artifacts) people at Apple Computer recommended Panamation, Nodester, and Wigitizer. Over the next two years these developed into RoundAboutLogic and was subsequently transformed into VR ObjectWorx, VR PanoWorx, and VR SceneWorx to group everything together.

Today you can get the latest development of all this technology from VR Toolbox. Walter Neals is the pertinent person there to e-mail.

VR Toolbox for MacintoshThe best tripod head adapters for shooting virtual reality panoramas are from Kaidan.

To create 3-dimensional virtual objects the easiest is to use a Kaidan object rig or Kaidan turntable. For more costly turntables PhaseOne provides the high-end.



for virtual Maya art,



BetterLight now has a much more sophisticated system both for QTVR object movies as well as for panos and rollouts.


FLAAR uses a prototype turntable from for the Better Light turntable adaptation of the Dicomed Field Pro for seamless panoramas and the Kaidan for creating virtual objects.

We have not yet used SpinImage DV nor Apple's own QTVR Authoring Studio since we do not have either of them.

Anyone needing more information on any VR Toolbox product should contact VR Toolbox by phone toll-free at 1-877-878-6657 [or direct 412-767-4947], by fax at 412-767-4090 or by e-mail Walter Neals at walter@vrtoolbox.com.


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