Plasmon DVD-Ram Jukeboxes.

Why fumble around with stacks of CDs when you can organize them neatly in a jukebox, or a Plasmon library. Same with DVD-RAM, Plasmon makes a DVD-RAM jukebox, which they call libraries. They have units holding 120, 240, or 480 slots.

Don't forget, DVD-RAM jukeboxes normally accept only single sided DVD-RAM disks. Be sure the reading units can accept the full 2.6 GB and not merely the older 1.3 GB DVD-RAM disks.

We recommend Maxell disks for DVD-RAM. We use Maxell DVD-RAM disks daily and they keep on reading and writing month after month.

What are good alternatives to Plasmon? Cygnet Storage Solutions is one of the leading companies for industrial-strength CD and DVD-RAM jukeboxes.


Design updated July 11, 2008.