Suggestions for electronic flash for digital photography, such as studio lighting from Photogenic.

Every photographer who is moving to digital photography from traditional medium format, large format or even 35mm studio photography, has to face the question of what kind of lighting to use: HMI, tungsten, or electronic flash?

If you opt for strobe, then you have to decide between Bron, Norman, Speedotron, Photogenic and others. FLAAR is a photo studio which provides photographic services at two museums on our university campus.

Between PMA 2002, PhotoExpo East tradeshow (Nov. 2001), and earlier Photokina 2000 it was possible to look at electronic flash as well as HMI and other lighting and accessories from ARRI (Arnold & Richter), Bron, Dyna-Lite, Foba, Elinchrom, Novatron, Speedotron, Mole-Richardson, Norman, Photoflex, Photogenic, Quantum, Speedotron, etc.

Since my first lighting in my student days decades ago was a Photogenic, and since it has held up for all these years, it seemed that Photogenic lighting equipment was solidly made. So at PhotoExpo East tradeshow it was a pleasant surprise to learn that Phototenic was practically a neighbor in Ohio. FLAAR is at Bowling Green State University of Ohio (south of Toledo). Photogenic is in Youngstown, Ohio.

We spoke with the president/CEO of Photogenic, John Davenport about the need for electronic flash specifically dedicated to digital photography. As part of its new course on digital photography FLAAR will review electronic flash in order to recommend the brands that we feel are appropriate. As soon as we have this studio set up at BGSU we will showcase the recommended equipment.

photogenic flash
photogenic flash
It was noteworthy that Kodak featured Photogenic strobe equipment in their booth at PhotoExpo East tradeshow. We presume that Kodak can select any brand in the world. To showcase the new Kodak scan back they picked Photogenic.



Most recently updated April 09, 2002.