Northlight Sunspots (part II).

North Light Sun Spots lamps After decades of using Dedolights we are switching to Sun Spots from North Light for use in professional digital photography.

The first difference between SunSpots and Dedolights is that you do not burn your fingers if you tough a SunSpot. Since these are a cooler form of tungsten, you can touch, even hold, the light in your hands. This makes the lights a lot easier to adjust. Museum curators won't allow hot lights to shine on their precious objects, so another reason to prefer NorthLight SunSpots.

Dedolights are so hot they can burn your fingers. Plus Dedolights wobble too much, surprising for a German product.

NorthLight also makes other fluorescent lighting for professional studio photography. These large banks of fluorescent lighting are not yet available to us for review, so we review Balcar and Videssence fluorescent lighting instead. But this other industrial-strength North Light equipment is presented on Although we do not yet have a set of these lights to test in our own evaluation and review center, we did enjoy looking at them enviously at several trade shows, such as at PMA 2000. At PhotoPlus 2004 we saw more advanced lighting technology from North Light Products, their continuous discharge HID lighting.

For further information on North Light Products, Tel. 650 366-5483, Fax 650 366-1676.

North Light products are designed and constructed by a professional photographer with decades of experience in studio lighting. That's him in the photo below, e-mail contact:

North Light fluorescent


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