The Lowel Caselite 2 and Lowel Caselite 4.

At Photokina, PMA, and PhotoEast trade shows it was possible to see all the new fluorescent lighting for digital photography. Lowel is very clever to have entered this market.

Lowel Caselite 2 and Caselite 4 Lowel Caselite Tugnsten fluorescent
Lowel Caselite fluorescent

The Lowel Caselite 2 and Lowel Caselite 4 are portable fluorescent fixtures for taking out on location. Since FLAAR does digital photography around the world, this is the kind of lighting we are especially interested in.

There are many kinds of Lowel Lighting in addition to that we are able to picture here. To get additional information, telephone, toll free 1 800 334-3426; for questions on equipment, e-mail; for general questions, email FLAAR has used Lowel Lighting for over 34 years (Lowel DP, Lowel Rifa) and those fixtures are still working just fine. We recommend this brand. They are nicely designed and hold up well.

Lowel Scandles fluorescent lighting
Lowel Scandles Fluorescent lighting


Design updated May 26, 2008.