Introducing the KST EyeScan digital panoramic cameras to US, Canadian, and South American photographers.

Three German and one Swiss company produce most of the panoramic cameras available today. However these European products are not as well known in America. Since FLAAR had an office for three years in Zurich, eight years in Graz, Austria, and for a decade in Germany, we are familar with these European panorama cameras. As part of our new philosophy of showcasing a wider diversity of brands and models on our web site, we thought it would be helpful for our readers in the US to learn about options from Europe. After all, only a German product has the "Made in Germany" quality.

I have known the key person at KST since the days that he was the top manager for another wide angle camera manufacturer. I visited his impressive factory in Dresden, en route to see the "Dresden Codex," one of the three remaining 12th century Maya books from Mexico. Now Helfried Urban is the key person at KST, so you know you are dealing with people with decades of experience in precision German optics and camera design.

If you need scientific precision you ought to consider the EyeScan M3 metric. If you are a sophisticated pro-sumer, the EyeScan 624 would be an appropriate model. If you want mural sized prints, the EyeScan MM1 might be your selection.

KST does occasionally exhibit at American trade shows, so we will be updating this page as we acquire more experience (and as we can obtain a demo model for use ourselves).

FLAAR is dedicated to helping promote digital panoramic photography. We appreciate the availability of demo cameras to allow us to carry on our archaeological photography as well as our project of landcape photography in Guatemala.



Most recently updated February 9, 2004.