Soft boxes light panels.

A soft box (light panel) is a good investment for your photo studio. Question is which brand to buy? At the recent PMA photography trade show in Las Vegas we noticed quite a variety of brands, Larson, Westcott, Chimera, and others.

We are now using strobes by Elinchrom with soft boxes from various sources including Westcott. All our reports are available in the on-line course on digital photography by Nicholas Hellmuth, DP 202. The preview of this course is available at no cost.

Larson softbox lighting for photography studios Westcott softlight softbox lighting for photography studios

Shortly we will select one of these brands to feature. We will test, review, and then recommend which of the brands is "best buy" for your photography studio.

In the meantime we are momentarily occupied testing wide format printers and a Creo(Scitex) EverSmart Supreme flatbed scanner, a $54,000 top-of-the-line scanner just sent to our test facility in Essen, Germany.

Our photography test studio is in Guatemala, where we hope to do the lighting tests this summer. Please check back in. We add dozens of pages of reviews every month.


Most recently updated July 4, 2005.
Previously updated Aug 5, 2001.