ARRI, DeSisti and other HMI lighting for still digital photography.

HMI lights are primarily used for motion picture photography, as in, blockbuster films in Hollywood. The HMI lights I used in Malta came from the set of The Gladiator, which was filmed a few kilometers from where I was teaching digital photography at the Malta Centre for Restoration.

HMI lights require a huge transformer. We used two lights to illuminate the National Palace, and on another day we worked in the main cathedral. The lights are very impressive: impressive cost, impressive size, and it required a crew to set them up and take them down (plus to haul the transformer around, which was larger than some small cars).

HMI lighting reviews
HMI lighting.

The spare lamp cost about $3,000. We found this out when the fixture arrived with the lamp broken during transportation.

If you have a budget of a Hollywood movie, and a crew of trained lighting specialists, then HMI lighting is great.

Most museums and most of the professional photographers that I know would unlikely be willing to go to the expense of HMI, especially not when shooting out on location. Unless your clients are Fortune 500 corporations.

If you are frugal and need economical lighting, check out our reviews of Lowel Lights. If you do product photography and don’t want to melt your subjects, link to our reviews of continuous discharge (ceramic discharge) lighting: Altman, Buhl, DeSisti, and North Light.

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