Georgia-Pacific paper Microprint Laser 1000.

Every organization needs to produce newsletters, brochures, pamphlets. What is the best paper?

Georgia Pacific paper Microprint Laser 1000Small office, home office, non-profits, museums, departments in colleges and universities, have thousands of brochures, newsletters, and handouts to print. What is a really good paper?

The easy way out is to use "multipurpose" paper, which is cheap copier paper cleverly reliable as "laser paper," or, "special laser paper." You can fool most people once, even twice, until they have a piece of real laser paper in their hands.

Real laser paper is specially made for desktop laser printers. Over the years we have tried many papers, but the one best suited for brochures is Microprint Laser 1000 and Microprint Digital Publishing Text.

The special advantages of these papers is that they can easily be folded. If you want a thick poster, or a fine art print, other papers are available. But for mass producing a brochure, in 30 years of experience (that's a lot of brochures) the best paper is the Microprint series.

This paper is great for color as well as for black-and-white. The reasons that everyone in our office likes this paper is because it is lightweight, ideal for keeping down mailing costs. The paper is really white, which makes graphics stand out nicely. And the overall look and feel of the paper shows everyone who receives it that you are using a high-quality product.

If what you write is important, if the impression you make is crucial, isn't it worth it to make the effort to select the proper paper? Don't be fooled by repro paper, which is slyly relabeled cheapo copier paper.

Other Georgia-Pacific laser paper is also available. We will review it as it becomes available. You can obtain this paper from Unisource, nationwide.

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Once you have all your paper nicely printed, how can you bind it for distribution? Check out Ibico equipment, available from Baudville 1 800 728-0888, or from Highsmith 1 800-558-2110.


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