Cygnet massive storage solution.

How to store all your digital image files? How to find them once they are stored? Cygnet solves everything. Cygnet has a jukebox that holds 100 disks. Then Cygnet bundles Canto Cumulus data asset management software.

Everything taken care of. Canto Cumulus is the worldwide industry standard software for maintaining inventories of digital images. Canto is industrial strength as compared with Portfolio from Extensis, which is okay for keeping track of a small archive. But if your digital imaging files are growing every month, you need to start with Cumulus.

Cygnet uses MacPeak software (MacJuke) to turn the Cygnet jukebox into a single 160 GB volume on the Mac desktop screen.

Cygnet has been designing and building media jukeboxes for many years. Their model DVD-7 holds 70 GB of DVD-ROM data on-line. The DVD 100 model holds 100 CDs or single-sided DVD-RAM disks. Cygnet also makes a wide variety of other storage and CD-based products.You can peruse these storage solutions at

The Hitachi DVD-RAM drives can read CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, single-sided DVD-RAM (2.6 GB per side) and a host of other formats.

Design updated June 19, 2008.